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Rhododendron ‘Blue Baron’

Weston Nurseries
Common Name: Rhododendron (small-leaf)

Early flowering. Compact growing mound shape. Striking near blue flowers in April, very unusual for a plant this hardy. Very small, elongated foliage is shiny green in summer and bronzed in winter. We recommend protecting from winter winds and winter sun. HERITAGE: 1981 cross #81-116 [‘Starry Night’ (‘Gletschernacht’) x ‘Waltham’]. Rhododendrons prefer rich, humusy, acidic soil that drains well. Sandy or dry soil, as well as heavy clay, should be amended before planting by adding peat moss, peat humus, or compost. Mulch helps retain moisture, control weeds, and cool the soil. Because they are shallow-rooted, it is easy for them to dry out and, at the same time, drown if over-watered. Refer to our Watering Guidelines. The small-leaf varieties perform best in full sun and can tolerate winter winds. If the site is overly exposed and windy, a late fall application of an antidesiccant spray may help reduce any winter leaf damage. In dry years providing additional water in the fall will also help. Removing spent flowers promotes new growth. Pruning is rarely required but if necessary should be done immediately after flowering. Wait too long and you’ll inadvertently prune off the buds forming for the next year’s flowers. For more detailed information on rhododendron planting and care, please see our Gardening Guidelines.

Weston Nurseries Weston Nurseries

Plant Features
Sub CategoriesShrubs-Broadleaf Evergreens, Weston Introductions, Rhododendrons-Shrub, Shrubs-Evergreen
CultivarBlue Baron
Appropriate SettingBorder or Bed
AttributesWeston Introduction, Broadleaf Evergreen, Dwarf or Miniature, Early Rhododendron, Evergreen, Small-Leaf Cultivar
Special FeatureWinter Interest, Early Bloom or Leaf, Flowering
Flowering SeasonEarly Spring
Flower ColorBlue
Sun ExposurePart Shade, Full Sun
Hardiness Zone6
Typical 10-15 Yr. Height4 Feet
Typical Mature Height6 Feet