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Taxus x media ‘Densiformis’
Common Name: Yew, Dense Spreading

Fast growing, mound-shaped. Bright green foliage, bronzed in winter. Probably the most popular spreading yew for New England. Well adapted to the New England climate. An excellent choice for hedging. Tolerant of shade and drought tolerant once established. Highly susceptible to deer damage. The Taxus x media cultivars are the results of crossing Japanese Yew (T. cuspidata) with English Yew (T. Baccata).

Courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden Courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden Courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden

Plant Features
Sub CategoriesShrubs-Coniferous Evergreens, Shrubs-Evergreen
Speciesx media
Appropriate SettingHedge/Wind Break/Privacy Screen
AttributesEvergreen, Coniferous Evergreen
Special FeatureWinter Interest
Growth RateFast
Moisture ToleranceDry Soils/once established
Sun ExposureShade, Full Sun, Part Shade
Hardiness Zone4
Typical 10-15 Yr. Height4 Feet
Typical Mature Height8 Feet