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Ilex crenata ‘Dwarf Pagoda’

Randall C. Smith, Courtesy of Iseli Nursery
Common Name: Holly, Japanese

Dr. Elwin Orton from Rutgers University, NJ, developed this extremely dwarf plant. It has tiny dark green leaves and an irregular branching habit. A very nice companion plant for a dwarf conifer garden or rock garden. Also a great selection for bonsai. Recently it has become very popular for use in decorative patio planters. This species has been commonly used for landscaping in this region for many decades, most successfully in USDA zone 6 and warmer. Although not reliably hardy in northern New England, when properly sited it makes an attractive hedge, foundation plant, and even a small tree if left to grow naturally. Protect from temperature extremes by planting in sunny or partially shaded areas away from drying winter winds, near a building or at the edge of the woods. Mulching around the root area is also helpful to moderate temperature fluctuations. Foliage damaged by winter winds generally rejuvenates by mid spring unless the roots have been damaged. Grown for its distinctive form and foliage. This cultivar is female but berries are inconsequential. Adaptable to seashore conditions.

Plant Features
Sub CategoriesShrubs-Broadleaf Evergreens, Shrubs-Evergreen
CultivarDwarf Pagoda
Appropriate SettingSeashore Condition, Edging, Miniature Landscape
AttributesSpecimen, Broadleaf Evergreen, Evergreen
Growth RateSlow
Sun ExposureShade, Full Sun, Part Shade
Hardiness Zone6
Typical 10-15 Yr. Height1 Feet
Typical Mature Height3 Inches